Sake – Eagle St Pier, Brisbane

SakeThe cherry blossoms are, well – blossoming – in Brisbane and there seems no better time to pop into Sake for dinner.

Everything about this restaurant is well-considered perfection. It’s location at Eagle Street Pier, the demure, perfectly lit interior, adept service, homage to the old and fusion with the new. The menu is vast and proffers a good nod to healthy appetites as well as the more adventurous variety-lovers amongst us.

The miso soup is Japan in a bow130914 Sake Popcorn Prawnsl. Not as authentic, but too interesting to ignore and the perfect appetiser, the popcorn shrimp crackles in your mouth just before doing a little jig with the spicy sauce and melting.

130914 Sake Pork BellyThe panko-fried pork belly is a cracking little nod to Australia, but fused to Japan with the miso mustard and given a modern twist with fermented cabbage.

130914 Sake BeefMeatlovers with a healthy appetite will be more than happy with the generous soy beef stirfry.

The galantine of quail with yama-gobo and shitake mushrooms is utterly gorgeous on the plate. On the palate an orange soy glaze balances sweet and salty with a hit of sour from the pickled golden beetroot. 130914 Sake QuailThis is for the variety-lover, not the hungry diner, but if they have the cherry chocolate tart on special you won’t be sorry you left a little space.

130914 Sake Chocolate Cherry Tart


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