If you love food, eating out, eating in, cooking and travelling then I hope you’ll find much of value in this blog. If you are a woman and travel Australia for business on your own – even more so.

Here you will find accounts of only the most delightful restaurants I have discovered. If you’re like me, time and money is too short to waste going to places that you may or may not like. That is why I choose not to write about any restaurants that are anything less than spectacular. I am not a food critic – I am a food lover. I am a qualified journalist and will not accept food for comment. My intention is to fly below the radar and do what I do for the love of it.

Solo travellers – I hope to share with you those places (many already discovered) that welcome single diners with finesse. I will also make note of those rare, non-greasy lunch spots for a bite on the fly and knock-out coffee.

Please, please share your questions and comments with me. If I don’t reply immediately you’ll know I’m either travelling or looking for the answer – or both!


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