Noosa International Food and Wine Show



This is my favourite food event of the year. This year 200 of some of the world’s best chefs in one of the most beautiful places in Queensland. 100 of Australia’s best producers. Some of the best wines I’ve had the pleasure of discovering in my 7 years in this remarkable country. Seriously – if you’re a foodie this has to be on your bucket list.

How I do it: I stay in Noosaville (it’s far less crowded, heading home in the evening for sunset on the river with friends is pure gold and it’s cheaper). Get to the show (take a cab) early in the morning – that way you get to taste the top 100 producer’s offerings without getting mowed down. Plan to stay all day!!! Do NOT eat breakfast – you will want to taste everything on offer – including the awesome cheeses, tapenades, breads, butters, yoghurts, clams, mussels, sorbets, ice-creams, olive oils, proscuitto, pancetta, chorizo, sausage, beef – never mind the food critics’ pop-ups on Saturday or some of the fantastic local restaurants’ plates on Sunday.

If you’re a real food addict you will not want to miss one of the “fringe” food trails on the preceding Thursday or Friday. For info go to



How I got it right first time … tips and tricks

Make sure your eggs are at room temperature.

Add a little lemon juice or cream of tartar – this will help stiffen your egg whites and get them to peak properly.

Do NOT over mix your egg white into your mixture. Gently fold in and only until it’s just combined.

Use the bottom rack of your oven to bake.


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Tools of the trade … travel essentials … and foodie musts.

I travel. For work. A lot. Alone.

I’m young (sort of). I’m a journalist (a real one), a muso and a foodie, but I work in corporate sales.

I love my job. I get to travel all over Australia, eat at some of the best (and worst) restaurants and now that my clever girlfriends have talked me into it – I get to write about it.

So here are my tips and tricks, reviews, short cuts and long roads …