Lemongrass – Carlton, Melbourne

For the past 3  years I have traveled to Melbourne every second to third week. Sometimes I feel like exploring and trying something new and sometimes (especially in winter) I feel like going somewhere warm, welcoming and consistently outstanding. Lemongrass is that place for me.130612 Lemongrass Facade

No surprises they have won so many awards for so many years. This is Royal Thai cuisine that pays true homage to its origin. Their chilli pastes and sauces are hand crafted with the instinct that can only be attributed to decades of handed-down experience. The decor is as delicately finessed as the food, the service as subtle as the klong thaps (steel drums) and pong langs (xylophones) playing in the background; and the prices as well balanced as the whole experience. Surprising is the respectful nod to Australian and some very fine French wines.

130612 Lemongrass Green CurryI highly recommend – well everything really – as I’ve pretty much worked my way through much of the menu over the past few years. But if I had to choose and you had only one opportunity to eat here – I’d say don’t miss the Prawn herbed salad, red duck curry or the green prawn curry (pictured). If you’re on a budget or in a hurry, their daily street food menu is great value, swiftly presented and  perfect for a quiet night in with a glass of red and your laptop.

You’ll find Lemongrass on the eastern end of Lygon Street (174 Lygon Street, Carlton for you SatNavvers). If you’re walking (as I do) but you’re new to Melbourne, brace yourself for the onslaught of Italian Maitre D’s – who will invariably and animatedly promise you everything but Nonna to dine with them.

Keep walking though. You won’t be sorry.


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