Frosted Bliss

I love Melbourne in winter. Even if my bones get chilled to the marrow, my nose frosts pink and my toes cramp with the cold. It reminds me of Europe. But it has more soul. 130621 Park

130612 Melbourne CityIt’s all about the contrast. Luminescent green grass, sky so grey it’s almost colourless, burnt orange leaves.


Silver city skyscrapers blanketed in fog, golden domes, ancient spires, vibrant laneways, jagged power lines, yellow trams. Urban parks, brave souls fighting city traffic (and chilblains) on bicycles.

Curries, dumplings, chillies, pastas, cappuccinos, chai teas, cocktails and wine bars. This city is the best of all the places I’ve been to in the world, in one place. Even in winter.

130612 Melbourne Temperature


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