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No frills no fuss
Heels, flats
And grumbling guts

Tools of the trade … travel essentials … and foodie musts.

I travel. For work. A lot. Alone.

I’m young (sort of). I’m a journalist (a real one), a muso and a foodie, but I work in corporate sales.

I love my job. I get to travel all over Australia, eat at some of the best (and worst) restaurants and now that my clever girlfriends have talked me into it – I get to write about it.

So here are my tips and tricks, reviews, short cuts and long roads …


7 thoughts on “WELCOME

  1. Hi Lynne, what a brilliant idea o) I’ll be following keenly, a great sister and cook like you should be blogging so those of us who aren’t so great in the kitchen are inspired. Have fun ! Proud of you x x x

  2. Read a recent review on Top 10 breakfasts in Brisbane but it was very Northside-centric. Any tips for Southsiders? And Easties/Westies?

    • Absolutely. Try The Jetty in Bulimba for perfectly poached eggs with Turkish, caramelised bacon, avo & dukkah – outstanding. Eve’s at Teneriffe offers good value, a stunning view and a superb after breakfast river walk, ditto Oliver’s at Manly. The Cliff’s Cafe at Kangaroo Point is the only place to take visiting friends and relatives for the best view of Brisbane city – especially those with a sweet tooth – their pancakes with Barossa bacon, roast banana and maple syrup will have them eating their pillows for weeks.

  3. Fantastic. I can highly recommend Lynne’s cooking from personal experience. Of course, I am biased as I am her very proud Mum.

  4. Hey Lynne – what an action woman! No sooner said than done!!

    It looks like a great start. I love how the ‘incidental’ and ‘foodie’ run together, I like the look of the ‘chalkboard’, and I really like how you’ve introduced who you are and what you do. Your photo is also very cute – of course 🙂

    So happy you’ve launched yourself into cyberspace. Looking forward to following you and your blog and sharing more food and wine and ideas into the future. Kxx

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